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Instructions for inflating foil balloons with air.

How to inflate a foil balloon without helium.

Total time: 5 minutes

  1. prepare

    flatten and unfold foil balloon onto flat surface. Locate the air hole which usually has little red tab to indicate.

  2. Insert the air tube

    using the air tube provided (or any thin straw or pump with adapter attached) push it through the tube, making sure it is past the seal and in far enough for the air to enter.

  3. inflate

    now you can blow air into the balloon through the tube (or pump it in) to inflate the balloon fully.

  4. Ta-da done.

    Carefully remove the tube and smooth out the area where the tube had been, this reseals the air. The air filled balloons last a lot longer than helium and can be put on sticks or use double sided tape to attach to surfaces.

We have a large selection of balloons for every occasion. One of the most popular types of balloons is foil balloons. Foil balloons come in all sizes and can last a long time. If you want your foil balloon to float helium is needed, you can buy this in a canister or any card/party shop will fill it with helium for a price. Not everyone is aware you don’t NEED to use helium to inflate foil balloons, you can easily use air then use a string or even glue dots to attach to wall.

We also offer latex balloons. Most often they are blew with air and tied, you can also use helium. Our latex balloons come from 7′ up to a whopping 16′ and come in a variety of colours including clear.

You will also find balloon accessories from creative and cute balloon strings to custom vinyl balloon stickers.

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