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Happy 2021!

I would like to wish all of customized celebrations customers, customers to be and the browsers a happy new year.

We have all just got through one of the toughest years we will ever experience. ALOT of love ones have been lost, I myself have lost 2 family members this year which I was the one having the responsibility of planning their ‘celebration of life’.

I found it difficult as the Finacle side also was put on me and am disgusted in how much people charge for funeral related products, I have decided to help others going through this and am going to launch an affordable range of products of in the next few weeks some of which will include;

celebration of life booklets

artificle flower arrangements

photo slide show with music tribute videos

To end on a more positive vibe I would like to remind people to ‘learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow, even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise’ HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

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