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rhinestone FAQ, what is a rhinestone transfer?

An image or quote created with gems that have a heat-activated glue on the bottom layer. A clear transfer tape layer holds the gems in place ready for you to transfer to the desired surface.

what is hot-fix?

Also called iron-on, which refers to the heat-activated glue on the bottom of the rhinestones. When heat pressure is applied using an iron or heat press this heats up the glue and sticks the gems to the desired surface.

once applied, will they stay on permanently?

As long as the guidelines are followed hot-fix transfers can last the lifetime of the garment. The link for the guidelines are below,
garment advice for rhinestone clothing.

Do you supply instructions?

I can send instructions to your email if desired there is also a link on the homepage and feel free to print out the instructions provided below.
hotfix-instructions or follow our how-to apply instructions

I have seen a design I like from your products page but want to add some details of my own, is this possible?

Absolutely! Every order we receive is custom made to that order. Colour, size, font etc. is all up to the customer. Just fill in a custom order form (this won’t change the price) or add a note to order on the payment page.

I don’t want an iron-on transfer, I want a sticker I can just peel and stick, do you supply these?

Yes! Every single design is available in a clear acrylic peel and stick design just add a note at payment page that you want your transfer as a sticker.

I’m not sure if stick-on or hot-fix is best for my design, do you have guidelines?

If you cannot find the answers you need on the website feel free to email contactus@customizedcelebrations.co.uk and we guarantee to reply to your questions within a few hours (normally within the hour) or take a look at this infographic which explains what you can use rhinestone stickers for in more detail or this infographic which explains hot-fix.

What are the sizes of small, medium and large?

small – for text (eg name) 3 cm for image (eg logo) 10 cm x10 cm
medium – for text 6cm, for image 15cm x 15cm
large – for text 10cm for image 25c m x 21cm
please note these are a guideline depending on shape or style on design. You can also request a specific size wanted.

what colours and sizes can I choose from?

We have most colours available from metallic to crystal clear, hotfix crystals are measured in SS which stands for stone size. Unless you require a pacific size you don’t need to worry about this as we will use the size which suits your design and size ordered.

Can I upload a image that I want turning into a rhinestone transfers?

yes! there are a number of ways to do this,
1. at the checkout page you have an option to upload a file and leave a message.
2. fill in a custom order form.
3. send an email to contactus@customizedcelebrations.co.uk.

video instructions

Before & after

From design to rhinestone transfer.

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