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Guides to help and instructions for some of our products, first up,

how to apply a iron-on rhinestone transfer at home.

Apply iron on rhinestone transfer.

depending on size of transfer 20 minutes


Arrange the item you wish to apply the rhinestone transfer to on a flat surface with a protective layer underneath. Put the iron on hottest temperature to warm up and select ‘no steam’ option. Make sure the area where you wish to apply the transfer to is crease-free by pre-heating and smoothing out the area with iron for 20-30 seconds. (if your item is a delicate item that can’t take the full heat of iron do this step before letting iron heat up to full temperature)

Apply the rhinestone transfer

Peel the clear transfer tape from the backing paper slowly and carefully (if any rhinestones come loose in transit you can reapply with tweezers) then place the transferred in desired place (rhinestones facing up) and carefully smooth out the tape so rhinestone are in the place you wish to apply them. You may use another layer of protective transfer paper on top of this but isn’t necessary.

Apply heat to secure rhinestones

Slowly and firmly press the iron on the clear transfer paper over design, move the iron slowly but firmly over the design, the heat is activating the glue on the bottom of the crystal. The time this takes depends on the rhinestone and design size, typical time is around 1 minute. After 40-60 seconds let cool for a few seconds and carefully peel away the clear transfer paper, the rhinestones should stay firmly on the desired item, if not apply more heat until paper easily peels away leaving your rhinestone design successfully in place.


When washing item, for best results and longer life use low temperatures and wash inside out. Click here for bigger garment care advice picture.

How to inflate a foil balloon without helium.

Total time: 5 minutes

  1. prepare

    flatten and unfold foil balloon onto flat surface. Locate the air hole which usually has little red tab to indicate.

  2. Insert the air tube

    using the air tube provided (or any thin straw or pump with adapter attached) push it through the tube, making sure it is past the seal and in far enough for the air to enter.

  3. inflate

    now you can blow air into the balloon through the tube (or pump it in) to inflate the balloon fully.

  4. Ta-da done.

    Carefully remove the tube and smooth out the area where the tube had been, this reseals the air. The air filled balloons last a lot longer than helium and can be put on sticks or use double sided tape to attach to surfaces.

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