Each and every rhinestone transfer we provide is hand-done to perfection, taking the time to place every rhinestone in its place for perfect results, this is how we can offer completely custom colours and sizes on every product in this category so please don’t be afraid to fill in a custom order form and we’ll get back to you, same day, you do not need to provide any payment until the design and price are agreed….

Each and every rhinestone transfer is also available in either heat transfer or clear sticker. PLEASE ADD A NOTE IF STICKER IS DESIRED WITH ORDER. As heat transfers are most popular it is just assumed this is style wanted so unless started this will be sent… below is more information on both just in case you’re unsure on which to order…..

heat transfer tape/Mylar tape

Hot fix rhinestone transfers will be supplied on a clear Mylar tape which is easily ironed onto almost any surface, amazing results on clothing.

free printable hot fix rhinestone transfer instructions

rhinestone hot fix instructions
feel free to print

peel and stick rhinestone transfers

A peel-and-stick decal on a vinyl clear sticker with adhesive backing. can be easily cut to desired size and are easily transferred to a number of surfaces by peeling off its base.
These are great for walls, furniture, plastic, windows etc these are a fun an easy way to personalise almost any item.

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